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5. level 1. paka1999. · 2y. Yes, straight men use dildos. The most telling thing if he is gay would be that he is older then you, let's say 10 years. Even then it may not mean he's gay. You can tell if he is using the dildo on himself by playing with his hole. It can all be nothing.

So I'm a straight guy and I used a dildo today : confession

A dildo won't make a straight male suddenly crave a sweaty hairy muscular man no more than a dildo will make a lesbian straight. I'm actually of the mindset that men should be the ones enjoying MORE anal pleasure than women, from a strict physical, anatomy point of view, as men have a prostate which can only be fully stimulated from the rectum.

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No, it's gay to sexually attracted to other men. I can't think of many reasons why a straight guy would own a dildo, but it's possible. There are plenty of lesbians that own dildos because they make them feel good, but that doesn't make them straight. 18. level 2.

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THANKYOU guys so much. Update on what happened- I posted this and straight up went to talk to my boyfriend about how I was feeling low due to this. He just smiled, brought the whip that we use and said "baby whoop my sexist ass if you want"🤭.

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looking for any straight guys in a relationship that are ashamed they want to wear lingerie heels and use dildos kik is kianakitsune ... help Reddit coins Reddit ...

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I am a straight male. The past couple years I delved into sexual pleasure through anal. I seldom performed it a year ago, but recently I started really getting into it. It has been the most interesting and highly pleasurable activity I've done in a very long time. I recently bought a dildo off Amazon. Smells weird, too plasticy.

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I think guys that use a dildo in their ass are curious and may be bi-curious… And the guys that responded so far are bi..and/or are just in denial and havent discovered their true nature yet…like taking baby steps:-D! …and its cool;-) Happy new Year and decade 2010 buds!