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Saggin Pants: From Slavery To Modern Day

A prisoner would claim another inmate by having him wear his pants down low for easy access and to show that the inmate belonged to him as his property, although some disagree with that theory. Wearing saggin' pants is not only bad on the eyes, but according to blackhistory.com, ''70% are more likely to prematurely ejaculate during intercourse as a result."

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What Buck Breaking And Sagging Pants Have In Common

Thereafter, the humiliated slave would be coerced by the slave master to wear his trousers without a belt so that they’d sag, which served as proof [like branded cattle] the slave had been aptly broken in. Needless to add, it was the ultimate emasculation of the African male slave for being defiant toward his white slave masters.

Sagging Pants – Its Origin Is Worse Than You Think – Your ...

According to Odyssey Online, “a prisoner would claim another inmate by having him wear his pants down low for easy access and to show that the inmate belonged to him as his property, although some disagree with that theory.” However, sagging trousers has way more than what you see on your TV.

Traditional Clothes Worn by Slaves on Plantations in the ...

Boys transitioned to breeches, or short pants, and then to long pants. Girls later wore adult dresses when they began to menstruate. Plain leather shoes and sometimes hats were also included in allotments. The material of the clothing was coarse and far from being comfortable and warm. Shoes that were given to the slaves usually last only a few weeks.

Slave Clothing · George Washington's Mount Vernon

Female slaves wore shifts made of osnaburg. Like the men, slave women wore plaid stockings and plain shoes. 7. Because the number of clothes issued to each individual was minimal, it would not have been uncommon for slaves to wear the same clothing day after day.

~ The Gorean Cave ~ Slave Attire

The slave tunic, like most Gorean garments, lacks pockets. Tunics are inspected occasionally, and, if an internal pocket is discovered, or an open hem, where, say, a candy, let alone a tarsk-bit, might be concealed, the girl must expect to be punished, and, quite likely, severely. Smugglers of Gor Book 32 Page 441.

Slave Wear - The Gorean World

Kalmak. vest of black leather worn by the slavegirls of the Wagon Peoples "Among the Wagon Peoples, to be clad Kajir means, for a girl, to wear four articles, two red two black; a red cord, the Curla, is tied about the waist; the Chatka, or long , narrow strip of black leather, fits over the cord in front, passes under, and then again, from the inside, passes over the cord in back; the chatka ...

Is Forced Feminization a Normal Part of a FLR?

When I lived in NY I occasionally read Dominant Mystique. I remember one story of a goth Domme in Buffalo who owned a few slaves. She made them all shave all their hair off-except the top of their heads-wear thigh-high stockings, slave collars ( naturally ) and hoods. I have to admit; the level of control was very impressive.

Panty Punishment - The House of Sissify

“All right, you’re forgiven. But from now on you are going to quit wearing male underwear. I see no reason why you shouldn’t wear decently attractive undergarments, and particularly since you look well in them, and since you seem to have a fondness of them. — And that means everything — slips, bras, bloomers, panties, and girdles.

Naughty Boys Wear Ladies Panties - The House of Sissify

Pam shrieked with glee. “Yes, Lisa, dress him in your panties. Let’s see what he looks like in pink panties.” “Please Miss, anything but that. Please don’t make me wear your panties.” “But pansies like pretty undies. You'll... feel ever so girly in them. And you'll look much prettier with your little cocky tucked away inside my ...