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Recycle Sex Toys | Recycle Your Sex Toy

Most sex toy recycling services make it very simple, you simply pop your used toy(s) in a jiffy bag and send them off, the service you choose will have your toys cleaned and disassembled. The rubber, silicone, plastic and electronic parts will be sent to recycling facilities that can prepare the various materials for reuse.

Sex Toy Disposal: How To Get Rid Of Your Old Toys

Sex toy disposal is one of those things nobody really knows much about, but it's actually really important. Here's what you should know. It's not as easy as throwing them in the bin.

Sex toys recycling from EdenFantasys

Dispose of your old and broken vibrators through the sex toys recycling program. No matter where you bought your toys, recycle them through the program Re-Vibe from EdenFantasys.

Want to Know How to Recycle Your Old Sex Toys?

If you think recycling and waste management generally is important, and you consume a lot of sex toys, it absolutely should be important to you,” says Lamon. “If you think the apocalypse is near and nothing matters, well, then you should burn them in your backyard.

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Can You Recycle (Used) Sex Toys? - Features - The Stranger

You should probably avoid sharing toys made of stone or blended silicone. And, when in doubt, throw a condom on that (used) bad boy. Turn them into art or useful household objects.

How do you dispose of unwanted sex toys? - Chicago Tribune

To reward you for saving the planet, Sex Toy Recycling offers a $5 voucher toward any of its recycled sex toys, which can be purchased online or at local retailers.

ReproCo: Just the Tips, How to dispose of sex toys

If your toy is not battery/electric operated then you can throw it in the regular trash or recycling bin but I personally would save this as a final option. The recycling at Allegheny is more for pop cans or glass bottles and it might also be wholly uncomfortable for a recycling sorter to have to handle a used sex toy.

Sex toy disposal - adult toys resolved | Ask MetaFilter

I swear I once saw an online shop where you could send in your old sex toys to exchange for new recycled (and I assume sterilized) ones. Not sure how well that business fared. It seems wasteful, but throwing 'em out is the best solution.

Don't Throw Your Sex Toys Away, Recycle Them! | Ravishly

Never mind that it’s drenched in your je ne sais quoi – now, sex toys can be recycled! Regular old recycling centers actually collect and sterilize the remnants of your past orgasms. The rest of the, err, instrument can be utilized too – rubber and silicone can be processed and remolded into new sex toys!