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how to muffle a sex toy

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So... How do *you* muffle the sounds of your vibrator?

it with blankets and I've tried securing the base to my work bench. using shot bags. None of those methods do much to suppress low. frequency sounds. Before I move this tumbler to the middle of my back yard and run a 100. foot extension cord to it, I thought I'd ask if anybody has come up. with a solution.

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With the right DIY soundproofing tactics, you can get outside the bedroom, pull out some acrobatics—like these 45 Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try—and muffle your toe-curling moans. 1 ...

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Oral sex in general is a good option for quiet sex—just make sure the receiving partner is prepared to muffle sounds in a pillow or towels, or by biting down on their hand. Doggy style .

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Best of all, they muffle the sounds of a scream-inducing orgasm. Best positions. Positions should work with the space available AND give you and your boo a prime view. ... Sex toys to try.